Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Adam Bristlecone and Eve 2.0

This was my first concept drawing for a 3D short film about the eventual destruction of all vegitation on planet Earth. *Storyboards will be scanned in soon and available here.*

Eve 2.0 is a robot that is remotely controled by a crane. The Crane is connected to an unseen lab deep inside of a Mountain. They work together to gaurd the last tree on earth.

Eve is used like a tool by the Crane and is left outside with the tree on a mountain cliff. The crane waites inside a large metal door safe from the weather.

Eve lays quietly upon this bench where she stares at Adam with one eye while waiting for the Crane to control her again.

Adam is a Bristlecone Pine living on the edge of a cliff thousands of feat high. Bristlecone pines are reported to live up to 10 thousand years in the California Mountains. Eve watches over the last tree on Earth waiting for Adam to give her a Pinecone.

Adam's small branches wrap around the Pine Cone to gaurd it from the weather. It gets pleanty of light. One day a Crow spots Adam's seed and attempts to steal it. Eve is able to stop the Crow with the help of the Crane but breaks some of Adam's fingers to do it.

Soon comes the day that the Pine Cone is ready to be harvested. A strong wind picks up then Adam slowely opens his branchs to let his seed catch the wind.

The Crane rushes to pick up Eve just in time to see the seed fly into the wind. Eve crashes through adam's branches to catch the flaoting seed. The seed gets away.

The crane freezes for a moment then drops Eve like a rag doll over the cliff edge.

The crane returns to the mountain while Adam stares with broken arms over the edge to where Eve fell.

The End


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