Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Preying Men Warrior

My very first animatable biped character was a simplified version of a Preying Mantis. I was able to create a Collection of my *Animation* Assignments and set them to music. The preying Men were a fighting race of Alien bugs.
I set out to create a design that would be appealing to work with on animation assignments. The animations demonstrate jump, run, walk, throw and sneak. *Click Images to enlarge, hit back button to return*

I settled on this simple to model, single geometry character.

While I was at it I designed some props like this armor and these modes of transportation.

and while I was at it I designed a protagonist. I figure that a spider and a preying mantis would be no match if the spider was small so I had to make this Spider Character much bigger than the Preying Man.
*Preying Men Animation Video*


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